New in Town! {15 facts about me}

Hello hello!
My name is Julia, you can call me Jull and this is my new blog! I wanna focus it in my journey through life, gyaru fashion and just stuff I like in general and I thought I would start things up by introducing myself and telling you a bit about me and showing off my face so... let's go!

1.- I'm 20 years old, 21 this next July!
2.- I'm originally from Spain, but I currently live in the Uk~
3.- Therefore, Spanish is my first lenguaje, not English, although I have spoken both since very young... I can also somewhat understand written German, but I've forgotten pretty much all that I learnt of it.
4.- I've always wanted to learn Japanese, but not gonna lie, it intimidates me.
5.- The reason I am living in the Uk is because I am a Uni student here.
6.- I'm studying Illustration.

7.- I previously did a 2 year course in Fashion Design, so technically I could call myself a fashion designer, but I don't really do much of it.
8.- This is not my first blog... I m…