How to survive a Comic Convention [ part 1]

Hello there! Things have gotten very busy at Uni for me and I haven't been able to put much time into this blog, but I finally found some time to sit down and write.  And when thinking about blog post ideas, a though randomly popped into my mind: con season is upon us!

I personally started taking part in con-going when I was 9 years old, and my first "cosplay" was at the age of 10. A lot has changed since then in the convention circuit, but going to many throughout the years has allowed me to collect a battery of tips and tricks to help anyone not only survive but also enjoy to the max their time at any con. So I've decided to share them here, since summer conventions are approaching quickly. Let's start!
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So, you may be going to a local convention, in which case, this is probably not a problem for you; but if you are going to a convention in another city, county or even country…

New in Town! {15 facts about me}

Hello hello!
My name is Julia, you can call me Jull and this is my new blog! I wanna focus it in my journey through life, gyaru fashion and just stuff I like in general and I thought I would start things up by introducing myself and telling you a bit about me and showing off my face so... let's go!

1.- I'm 20 years old, 21 this next July!
2.- I'm originally from Spain, but I currently live in the Uk~
3.- Therefore, Spanish is my first lenguaje, not English, although I have spoken both since very young... I can also somewhat understand written German, but I've forgotten pretty much all that I learnt of it.
4.- I've always wanted to learn Japanese, but not gonna lie, it intimidates me.
5.- The reason I am living in the Uk is because I am a Uni student here.
6.- I'm studying Illustration.

7.- I previously did a 2 year course in Fashion Design, so technically I could call myself a fashion designer, but I don't really do much of it.
8.- This is not my first blog... I m…